How fast is H2S Knock-Out able to remove H2S?

The reaction with H2S Knock-Out and H2S is instant once contact is made. RSH reaction time can take longer depending on the RSH species. Typically, the treatment time required is more a function of efficiency of the application and nature of the assest that is being treated.

Are light thiols or other sulfur compounds affected or only H2S?

All sulfur compounds react with H2S Knock-Out.

What is the level of effectiveness of H2S Knock-Out to remove H2S/RSH in the liquid phase?

4000 mg/L (combined H2S & RSH) in liquid phase was tested and was successful. No upper limit has been established.

How do you remove the used and unused H2S Knock-Out from Fuel Oil?

The product is 100% miscible with water and this is a SINGLE PHASE system only. In liquid hydrocarbon applications, the sulfates which are created by H2S Knock-Out stay in the water phase and are separated from hydrocarbons during normal separation.

What is the effect of the scaling potential of the system?

H2S Knock-Out will slightly increase the pH of the water; therefore, analysis has to be carried out to determine the effect of of this increase in pH particularly where there are high levels or suspended solids or calcium carbonates in the produced water.

What is the potential of scaling with reacted or un-reacted H2S Knock-Out?

NONE. – No potential scaling in ordinary environments. The increase of SO4(-2) in water phase will depend on the mole-mole equilibrium between quantity of H2S/RSH and H2S Knock-Out. Cat ions such as Barium, phosphorous and others associated SO4 (-2) cat ions may cause fouling or deposits once it has reached maximum solubility. Excess H2S Knock-Out will not cause any deposits.