Irreversible Results Using Less Chemical

H2S Knock-Out is NOT a scavenger in chemical terms. Rather than scavenging, H2S Knock-Out converts H2S and RSH into a stable non-hazardous sulfate salt through chelation, eliminating the process system often associated with Triazine and formaldehyde.

How It Works

H2S Knock-Out converts H2S instantly and irreversibly into a non-toxic sulfate salt and water:

R (H2S Knock-Out) + H2S & Mercaptans —–> R’ SO4-2 + H2O

Application of H2S Knock-Out

H2S Knock-Out can be injected down hole, at the wellhead, or post separation. For treatment of crude oil, condensates, or fuel oils, H2S Knock-Out should be injected at or near the inlet valve of the transfer pump as the product is being transferred from tank to tank. Alternatively, H2S Knock-Out can be added to a storage tank and circulated.